About Andrada

We Are The Mavericks

Our school is forward-thinking and students who graduate from Andrada are prepared to launch into the future they want. Our students get all the experiences of a traditional high school PLUS the benefits of a Career and Technical Education experience that better prepares them for the real world.

Built With Intention

Our school looks nothing like your parent's high school and nothing like any other high school in the greater Tucson area. That design was intentional. We want you to feel a sense of independence as soon as you step foot on our campus, which was designed to look and feel like a community college.

Proud Of Our Culture

We have smaller class sizes with instructors who all seek to empower their students. All our staff have high expectations, but also care about your goals and aspirations. More than just a teacher, they are mentors. They get to know you as a person and provide meaningful support so that you reach your full potential.

Guided By A Mission

The mission of Andrada Polytechnic High School is to empower students with real-world experiences that provide them ownership in their pathway to college and career. This mission is our torch holding the light that guides us and our students towards the right path and every decision.

What We have to offer