Letter from Principal January 28, 2021


January 28, 2021

Hello Andrada Families,

On Monday, February 8th, our students will be able to return to in-person hybrid learning. We
are so excited to have them on campus again!

I understand that for some students returning in person is not an option because they, or
someone in their household, are medically high risk. We will still offer a fully remote option, Brick
to Click, for families who make this choice.

Our experience with hybrid learning before winter break taught us a few things: students do best
when they are able to be on campus even a few days a week, and students need to be
connected to their teachers and classmates everyday to be as successful as possible whether
they are hybrid or Brick to Click.

Knowing this, I am encouraging all students who are able to attend in person as a hybrid
student to choose this option. We will allow changes in status (hybrid or Brick to Click) at this
time for the remainder of the school year or until the District moves to having all students back
on campus. I am also reminding you that all students, regardless of their location (on
campus or at home), will be required to attend every class everyday– just as we are
currently doing with remote learning.

A quick review of your choices:
Hybrid– Students with last names beginning A-L (Blue Group) attend in person Monday and
Wednesday. They attend class remotely Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Students with last
names beginning M-Z (Silver Group) attend in person Tuesday and Thursday. They attend class
remotely Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Brick to Click– (Mav Group) Students attend all classes remotely Monday through Friday.

If you want to change your student’s status from 1st semester, please complete the form
below. THE FORM IS ONLY FOR CHANGES. If you do not fill out the form, your student’s
status will remain as it was when they left for winter break.

Any changes must be made by Monday, February 1st to allow our teachers to prepare for
returning to the classroom the following week.

I am looking forward to having staff and students here again and am hopeful to introduce a bit of
normalcy back to our campus. Tennis and golf are starting soon, we are working with clubs to
coordinate activities at lunch to provide some much needed connection and entertainment for
students, and we will slowly begin allowing extra curricular activities on campus again soon. All
of this will be done using the mitigating strategies we’ve become so good at to keep everyone
safe and healthy.

As always, thank you for your support during this year that has been full of surprises and

Click here to make changes to your student’s hybrid or Brick to Click status


Julia Kaiser