Letter from the Principal January 20, 2021


January 20, 2021

Hello Andrada Families,

The last 10+ months have been a true exercise in accepting what is out of our control and
figuring out how to adjust to rapid change. I know the value of consistency, and under the
circumstances, the idea that things could change at any moment has been one of the few
constants in our world.

When we changed to fully remote instruction, we adjusted our expectations with the intention of
providing some consistency to our students. Having students meet with each class everyday
has been very successful. Attendance has improved, student engagement and participation has
increased, and academic performance is better as a result. Although there is nothing “normal”
about seeing your teacher working from their living room, being a part of the class each day has
helped our students and teachers feel more connected. And feeling connected is so important–
especially now.

High school students and staff will return to hybrid learning on Monday, February 8th.
With 2 ½ weeks of remote instruction left, we are making some changes to our Friday schedule
to allow teachers and students time for targeted academic support for our students who are
struggling and extra instruction time for advanced classes.

All students will still be expected to meet with every class (except zero hour) between 9:00 am
and 10:55 am. SEE THE ATTACHED FRIDAY BELL SCHEDULE. Classes will be short with
the intention of connecting with students, checking on their progress, answering any questions,
and guiding students to the most appropriate opportunity for the rest of the day. If students do
not have assigned academic support such as reteach or tutoring, they are expected to use the
day (after meeting with each class) to complete assignments, contact teachers during their
office hours, and study for tests or quizzes.

When we return to HYBRID instruction on February 8th, students (based on their last name) will
either attend in person Mondays and Wednesdays (Blue Group) or Tuesdays and Thursdays
(Silver Group), or they will continue fully remote/Brick to Click (Mav Group). Because of the
success we’ve seen over the past few weeks, we will continue having all students “attending”
every class, every day either in person or remotely. You will be receiving more details about
these changes before students return.

We recognize that every family’s situation is different right now and that your situation may have
changed since we were last in hybrid instruction before the winter break. If your student has
been fully remote/Brick to Click and wishes to come back as a hybrid student on February 8th,
we will be allowing changes, if possible. YOU WILL BE SENT A SURVEY NEXT WEEK

This has been a long letter! Just to recap the most important points:

● Friday’s schedule is changing beginning THIS Friday, January 22nd. SEE ATTACHED.
Remote Jan_Feb Bell Schedule
● All students must attend every class, every day– even on Fridays. Friday is NOT a
day off.
● Academic help is available on Fridays– encourage your student to take advantage of
the opportunities available.
● Students return to campus for HYBRID instruction on Monday, February 8th.
● You will receive detailed information about any expectation changes before students
● Your student may be able to change their HYBRID or REMOTE/BRICK TO CLICK

Thank you for continuing to support our teachers and staff who are working so hard and being
flexible and resilient during these very weird times. Please reach out if you have any questions
or if you need any support or resources.

Julia Kaiser, Principal

If your student is struggling socially and emotionally, we may be able to help. They can
call or text 520-262-9849 (during school hours) or email
aphscrisishotline@vailschooldistrict.org anytime for free, confidential support. If they are
experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911.