Vail Summer School Information

Vail School District Online Summer School 2019

Register at


All classes held at the Vail Innovation Center

10775 East Mary Ann Cleveland Way


Summer session begins on May 29th and goes through July 10th.

Students may take up to 3 half credits during the summer session.

Cash or check payments are due to the school bookstore by May 16th.

Registration after May 16th, may delay your start time for summer school.


$85.00 per half credit. Make checks payable to Vail School District.   ($25 fee assessed on returned check.)

Scholarships are available in extreme circumstances.  You must contact your school administrator by May 13th for approval.

On testing dates or in-person tutoring, please bring your own lunch. The cafeteria will not be available.

Potential Course Offerings:  

Freshmen Physics A & B        Biology A & B                      English 1 A & B               English 2 A & B

English 3 A & B                        English 4 A & B                    Algebra 1 A & B              Geometry A & B

Algebra 2 A & B                       World History A & B             U.S. History A & B          Government A & B

Health                                       Economics

Office Hours:  

In-person tutoring will be available one day each week, either Tuesday or Thursday, according to each teacher’s schedule.

Teachers are available to meet with students to work on assignments, clarify work and concepts, etc.

Tutoring dates will be communicated as students register.

Important Information:  

VAHS, Pantano, Empire, Cienega, Andrada, VBL, VDLP and any out of district students may enroll.

All classes are recovery courses and may not be taken for credit acceleration.

Any/all discipline problems are grounds for immediate dismissal with no refund. (i.e. fighting, insubordination, illegal substances, disruptive behavior, etc.)

Busing will be provided on May 29th and 30th and all June AzMERIT dates. Contact your school’s front office for a copy of Summer School bus routes.

Summer School grades will be on your official high school transcripts.

Students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch. Student time logs will be maintained each day that students attend.

Spots are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • AzMERIT and Final Exams:

Students who are completing a grade 9-11 ELA or Math credit during summer school must take the corresponding AZ Merit exam for their course in order to receive credit.

AzMERIT ELA testing dates:

June 11th and June 13th

June 25th and June 27th

July 9th and 10th

AzMERIT Math testing dates:

June 13th

June 27th

July 10th

Students not requiring AzMerit must take their final exam in person on one of the following dates:

June 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th, 25th, 28th or July 9th

Note to Athletes:

Athletes expecting to pursue future NCAA athletic opportunities should confer with their school counselor before registering for summer school. Vail online summer school courses are not NCAA approved.