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Freedom With Responsibility Block Schedule

Hello Andrada Parents,

Happy 2019! Now that we are back and in full swing, we wanted to update you all as to some changes that have been made to our Freedom with Responsibility Block (FWRB) schedule. This is the part of our day that is broken up into two parts: lunch and reteach/academic overtime/enrich. If you would like a refresher on the entire program, informational presentations have been attached.

Some changes:

The biggest change from last semester to the current is that students will be receiving emails on Monday mornings informing them on which teachers they need to visit for reteach/academic overtime (AO). Students will be emailed the date they are expected to attend, the teacher’s name, which block, and the room number for the classroom.

If a student is requested by two teachers on the same day, they will pick one to attend.

Some items that are staying the same:

Student emails will be generated based on grades/reteach scores from the previous week.

If a student misses their reteach/academic overtime, they will be given a letter Monday morning informing them of what they missed and what their consequence will be.

One block will always be for lunch and the other for reteach/academic overtime/enrich.

Thank you all for your support with our new schedule. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

Lisa Blanchard
Assistant Principal

Rod Carrier
Assistant Principal

Jim Livingston
Student Achievement Teacher


Week A Block 1

Week A Block 2

Week B Block 1

Week B Block 2

FWRB Schedule A/B Week 2019-2020

To learn more about the Freedom with Responsibility Block please see the detailed attached PDF below.